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Mission Statement
Mission Statement

Vets Securing America (VSA) was formed out of deep respect for the dedication and commitment of the members of the United States Military and Domestic Law Enforcement communities, who bravely serve our country.

Our mission was to create a company that helps veterans build upon their prior experience, continue to develop the latest skills, and successfully transition into the private sector. VSA provides veterans with stable employment opportunities; their positions offer competitive wages, enabling them to support their families, who have supported them while they served our country.

VSA has the most professional, qualified & skilled private law enforcement personnel available.

VSA strives to maintain a minimum 100% military and domestic law enforcement veterans to wear our uniform while serving our clients. The only exception to this guarantee are waivers granted under special circumstances such as highly trained individuals who possess extensive site experience and can aid in the transition process by continuing their superior level of service.

VSA is a member of Hire Heroes USA, recruiting the best trained security personnel, to continue to protect our government clients and Americans.
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