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Courthouses /
Justice Centers
Full Proof
Screening & Access Control

Courthouses and Justice Centers are high-risk environments which require impeccable screening procedures and access control.

VSA officers are trained in the latest screening technology, including X-ray machines, hand wands, and magnetometers. Screening techniques match TSA standards and those of our screening officers for similarly high-risk airport and maritime contracts.

Furthermore, VSA can offer advanced, proprietary facial recognition platforms as added value to supplement our access control solutions. These facial recognition platforms are quick, accurate, and fault-tolerant, able to match thousands of individuals in a short period of time with near-perfect accuracy.

We go above and beyond the limitations of our screening technology, however advanced they are. VSA officers are trained in reading scientifically validated behavioral threat indicators which focus on the common element to all security threats – the human element. Technological threats take many forms nowadays and no technological counter is guaranteed to stop them all, while the human element remains a constant in any scenario.

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