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Critical Infrastructure
in Infrastructure Security

VSA is an experienced provider of security for critical infrastructure sites in multiple states, counties, and municipalities. Our clients in this sector include water and power departments, logistics and transportation centers, public works and utility boards, and other facilities vital to the continuous smooth operation of American public infrastructure, and whose disruption or damage would cause significant distress to the nation’s economy, security, and public health and safety.

In recognition of their importance to the nation, we have devised the highest-level security protocols for critical infrastructure which succeeds in reducing the potential threat faced by these vital sites to near-zero.

Multi-Faceted Protection in Depth

Our approach for critical infrastructure security involves a multi-pronged and resistant “Protection in Depth” strategy which utilizes the unique space and architecture of a facility (crime prevention through environmental design), extensive drilling/exercises to improve and maintain performance standards (this included tabletop exercises, walk-through drills, functional drills, relocation drills, evacuation drills, and full-scale exercises), as well as the fostering of a culture of safety and a sense of pride in the level of security, not only in security officers but in facility staff as well.

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Trusted Safety Record

VSA maintains a trusted safety record by remaining compliant and up to date with all OSHA standards and regulations, including Lock-Out and Tag-Out Procedures pertaining to Title 29, CFR 1910.147, which deals with hazardous energy (especially relevant at power facilities) and OSHA’s Confined Space Entry Program.

Additionally, we are one of the few security firms with a pending Safety Act designation from the DHS, whose anti-terrorism culture of “See Something, Say Something” is incorporated heavily in our own approach. We foster a prevalent culture of safety by enforcing and evaluating constant familiarity with our written safety plan and incentivizing high safety standards via our Employee Safety and Bonus Program.