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Educational Campuses
to Campus Safety

VSA and its affiliates are whole-heartedly dedicated to the safety of school campuses. Our decision to partner with E & I Cooperative, development of special training for Certified School Safety Officers, and donation of screening equipment and security guards to schools in need all stem from the value we place in America’s future: students.

E & I Cooperative

Since 2018 we have held a Master Purchase Agreement with E & I Cooperative, making us the sole security provider for 4,500+ institutes of higher education. As such we are ready at a moment’s notice to bring security and screening services for schools anywhere in the country and have collaborated with E & I officials and members to develop tailored solutions for the benefit of campuses nationwide.

Certified School Safety Officers

We consider the security of schools to be our highest priority due to the value we place on safeguarding students. For this reason, we will only assign staff to school contracts who have an impeccable pedigree, specifically a background in law enforcement (whether as civilian or military police officers) that reflects a history with protecting similar communities.

Based on our experience with hiring and training Off-Duty Police Officers (ODOs), we have built an elite security force called the Special Education Division (SPED) of Certified School Safety Officers (CSSOs). SPED CSSOs consist solely of active or former law enforcement officers with a strong community orientation; this effective mixture of ODOs and retired police is geared to the specific environment, community, and security challenges which school campuses face.

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Education Sector Innovations

Through our E & I contract we have offered and implemented innovative solutions for campuses throughout the country. These include free facial recognition packages, camera network installations, and virtual guard integration which seeks to supplement traditional security officers with the benefits of modern technology in a union that mitigates the inherent limitations of both.