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Medical Facilities
Special Considerations
for the Hospital Environment

VSA is a leading security expert for medical environments such as hospitals, and we specialize in securing inmates in hospitals for correctional facilities. These environments require special considerations which often go unconsidered by firms less experienced in the field.

Hospitalized inmates need to be properly restrained without jeopardizing their medical condition or obstructing any needed procedures. We train our officers to use different restraint methods and tools which are appropriate to individual cases.
Hospitalized inmates require different approaches to handling. While excessive force is prohibited in all cases, it is especially dangerous when dealing with hospitalized inmates. VSA officers receive rigorous training in use of force spectrum’s and non-violent diffusion techniques such as “Verbal Judo”, which allow them to resolve active or potential conflicts with minimal use of force.
The hospital environment itself requires guards to exhibit exceptional customer service, interpersonal communication skills, and a security guard’s equivalent to bedside manner. Considerations for quiet hours, patrol routes taken to minimize the agitation of bedridden patients, and adherence to sanitation policies are critical to the success of our officers in medical environments for both ordinary hospitals and correctional facilities.
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