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Housing /
Multi-Family Dwellings
of Housing Security

VSA is the ideal security provider for housing / multi-family residential needs. Our Founder and President is a former police captain with 30 years of experience in community law enforcement for housing / multi-family dwellings.

In addition to serving as a Subject Matter Expert, his dedication to housing security compels him to personally manage all VSA housing contracts during their transition and initial stages. In addition, his expertise has been influential across the security industry in this field. In the past, housing authorities have even altered their solicitations based on recommendations from VSA.

Philosophy of Community Policing

We seek to maintain a balance between guards who serve as a visible deterrent to crime and guards who act as a positive, welcoming addition to the housing environment. Our CP approach is holistic and borrows best practice recommendations from the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS).

We integrate key elements of community partnership, organization transformation, and collaborative problem solving that help ease VSA’s presence into a new community, thereby reducing incidents which arise from negative public relations.

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Housing Security Innovations

Innovation is the arena of the committed expert, and VSA has pioneered many innovations on the stage of housing and residential security. These innovations include experimental drone programs and comprehensive surveillance packages which seek to bring housing security into the 21st century.

We are especially proud of our drone program development, which was built alongside our housing partners. Drone surveillance has historically been wrought with failure in the field of housing security, but VSA has made numerous breakthroughs which mitigate the common obstacles.

Our research and expertise have brought us to near silent drones that minimize disturbances to the community, drone operation procedures which maintain a balance between security and privacy, and a brand-new synergy between drone surveillance and traditional guards which succeeds in reaping the advantages of both while mitigating their respective drawbacks.