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Retail &
Sector Coverage

VSA and its affiliates cover thousands of retail stores nationwide. we elevate our capabilities with innovating solutions such as Electric Trikkes, FieldForce Manager (to manage and track roving foot patrols), and Samsara Fleet Management (for vehicle patrols). Our firms regularly deploy Off-Duty Officer (ODO) programs for multiple retail locations where police response to calls due to theft, trespassing, etc. is slow. We also supplement regular armed guards with ODOs to have them work together and learn from each other. Loss and harm to visitors/customers have significantly decreased with the proper mitigating tools and procedures.

Millions of Square Feet in DCs Under Our Banner

Our coverage of DCs in the supply chain and logistics industry has grown tremendously in the past few years; by 2018 we acquired in excess of six (6) million square feet of DC’s under our banner, becoming the definite leader in this space. Since then, our DC coverage has only grown with the expansion of our major nationwide contracts.

Approach to Loss Prevention

External threats such as shoplifting account for 32% of lost revenue for retail locations. We leverage our past experience securing over a thousand retail locations to inform our loss prevention strategies. Our Loss Prevention Agents are trained to observe, identify, and prevent thefts from occurring at your retail locations, and this is done by examination of patrons both in person and through the use of CCTV, or video surveillance systems. All activities are monitored to prevent theft.

Loss Prevention Strategies and Solutions

  • Mobile Loss Prevention (roving throughout the store property)
  • Heightened video surveillance
  • Robbery notification
  • Monitored intrusion and fire alarms
  • Environmental hazard monitoring
Commitment to the Customer Service Experience

Poor customer service historically leads to increased loss from theft and property damage; as such, we train our loss prevention specialists to elevate the customer service experience in retail locations. We train our officers in Customer Service Policing (CSP) and provide real-world examples of the following in our program:

  • (How to) Acknowledge customers as they enter the guard’s area or post
  • (How to) Assess reactions.
  • (How to) Communicate clearly to avoid confusion; this includes telephone standards such as asking for the customer’s name etc.

Importantly, listening and building a culture of awareness around body language, voice, wording, phrasing, and self-confidence are built into our CSP training.

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Clean-In, Clean Out

VSA officers securing DCs across the country are trained in a common core program of access and perimeter control which includes comprehensive ingress/egress screening and inspections. We call this “Clean-In, Clean-Out” inspection, a procedure which has elevated safety, loss prevention, and general organization at DCs nationwide.