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Nationwide Trust in VSA’s Protection

VSA understands the hectic environment which special events create, an environment which does not lend itself well to security measures and detecting and preventing potential threats. Thanks to our experience in providing event security, we are well-versed in methods to mitigate the challenges to special event security.

We Leave No Room for Risks

In the chaotic environment of large special events, high volume foot and vehicle traffic creates congestion, crowds form in dense clusters, and avenues of mobility and clear observation are obscured. This is a breeding ground for security threats, who have so many places to hide and so many people to harm.

We elevate our security approach to match the danger. VSA sharpens its access control and threat prevention procedures to the highest level, offering technological solutions such as turnstile, walk-through x-ray/magnetometer, & hand wand operations, facial recognition platforms, drone surveillance, and integrated camera networks.

To adapt to the constantly changing threat-scape environment, we go beyond the limitations of technology and employ TSA-approved behavioral detection training, which uses scientifically validated threat indicators which focus on the common element to all security threats: the human element.

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