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Transportation Centers
the Routes which Connect America

For us, a major aspect of securing America means protecting the routes and lanes which connect the nation together. For this reason, we have spent the past eleven years expanding our presence in the transportation sector, on land, sea, and air.

Beyond covering over a dozen overland transit centers across the country, VSA and its affiliates are leading firms in maritime screening and security and have recently experienced significant growth in our portfolio of airport contracts.

While seaports, airports, and overland transit each have their own nuances and security considerations, they are all unified by a common need for access control. The sheer volume of people and goods trafficked through transportation centers can be a major security concern, one we have tackled by refining our access control procedures to an unprecedented level.

Airport Security Approach

As we expand into airport security with many recent acquisitions in the field, our approach to airport security evolves in breadth and depth. We have developed extremely rigorous training for airport security officers as befits the level of security risk inherent to the environment. Airport-specific training topics include:

  • hazard-specific response training
  • airport response coordination
  • escort procedures
  • aircraft operations area (AOA) observation and perimeter security
  • aircraft incident response
  • cargo handling
  • ICS 200B
  • maintaining continuity of operations
  • airport-specific Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMs)
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Maritime Security Dominance

VSA and its affiliates collectively protect dozens of ports throughout the nation. High level screening procedures, customer-oriented embarkation services, and anti-terrorist operations form key elements of our maritime security approach, which draws heavily from the DHS, TSA, MARSEC, and the U.S. Coast Guard.