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Government Facilities
Government Facilities

VSA specializes in securing government facilities and has been an experienced government contractor since 2008. Clients can expect the same high standards and field-proven reliability as military and law enforcement officers from our world-class security force, which primarily consists of veterans already familiar with protecting America.

Sectors We Secure

VSA has a history of covering a wide range of government agencies, including:

  • Transportation Authorities/Transit Centers, Maritime Ports, and Airports
  • Health and Human Services Agencies
  • City Halls, Administrative Offices, and other Government Buildings
  • Public Schools Districts and Universities
  • Federal and State Correctional Facilities
  • Courthouses and Justice Centers
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
  • Large Event Centers
  • Water, Power, and Other Critical Infrastructure Facilities
  • Housing / Multi-Family Dwellings
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American Owned, Veteran Operated

VSA is proud to be a wholly American-owned corporation managed, operated, and staffed primarily by military and law enforcement veterans. We are committed to providing veterans stable employment opportunities as they transition to the private sector, while clients benefit from VSA officers with the integrity, vigilance, demeanor, and experience of former police and military, even before they undergo rigorous VSA training programs.